3 things I’m going to miss about retribution in Mists

3 things Im going to miss about retribution in Mists

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It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of the beta and what’s coming our way in Mists of Pandaria — so easy, in fact, that we lose sight of what we stand to lose in this transition. Retribution isn’t undergoing as extensive of an overhaul as warlocks are, but amid the improvements and buffs are abilities, talents, and mechanics that are going by the wayside. Unfortunately for many of you, Inquisition isn’t one of those mechanics, but below are a few things that I will look back on and yearn for in the coming expansion.

Holy Wrath and Consecration The loss of these two abilities isn’t so much about how our AoE toolbox is going to suffer in their absence. No, Hammer of the Righteous and Divine Storm should more than make up for these relatively weak filler abilities, and I’m sure our mana pools won’t miss Consecration in the slightest. When I first started playing the spec, I had visions of my character being not only a powerful warrior but also an adept wielder of the Light. There’s just something about a paladin using generous amounts of holy magic to battle demons and the undead that just seems so right and makes the departure of these abilities hurt the overall feel of the spec. Yes, we still have Exorcism, Judgment, and Hammer of Wrath, but aside from Exo, these spells just seem like they have holy damage added on to them after the fact.

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