A beginner’s guide to getting started in WoW Lore

Truth is, I enjoy World of Warcraft’s lore, which is why I write about it for the site alongside Anne Stickney. But I understand why a setting that’s been around since the original Warcraft: Orcs vs. Humans can be daunting to new people trying to understand what’s going on. Why does the human king have scars on his face, and why is this orc with giant tusks on his shoulders so upset about everything? Never fear, it’s really not all that complicated. Here, we’re going to discuss some ways for people who haven’t really had a chance to get invested into the lore to start figuring out who those people are and what they’re on about.

My first suggestion to you is, when you’re playing WoW, start clicking on books. There are books all over the game world, in various dungeons, out in the open, hidden away in corners in inns and cities. If you see one, click on it. Hidden in all these books are stories about the world of Azeroth. You can get surprisingly caught up on the basics just via this exercise. Also try to click on plaques on statues and in structures. The statues in front of Stormwind have small plaques on them that tell you exactly who these are statues of and why they were placed there.

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