Blood Pact: Distinguishing destruction from fire

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I like to think that I’ve been a solid supporter of the warlocks in their struggles against the devil mages. I know that I do have some split loyalties with the druids, but let’s be fair in saying that a druid is wicked awesome in comparison to a mage. With that in mind, know that it brings me no joy to say that I’m worried. We talked about the new talents coming in the next expansion last week, and while I love what talents warlocks had and I think the new system has some great potential, there’s one facet about it that concerns me.

Destruction and fire are very closely linked in playstyle. Both are heavy nuking specs that also utilize DOT effects to boost their damage. They both make use of an otherwise unwieldy long spell, albeit in different methods, but one cannot deny that the two specs are fairly similar. One of the key differences right now to set destruction apart from fire is Conflagration and Backdraft — destruction has a form of focus on speed that fire doesn’t. With traditional specs going out the window, one has to worry about how Blizzard intends to distinguish destruction from fire.

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