Blood Pact: The cost of talent consolidation in Pandaria

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Greetings, warlocks. It’s that time of the week once again when we talk about all those dark arts and such that we do so love to practice. My original intention this week was to talk about many of the sweet items that you can pull out of the new dungeons coming out in 4.3. All of them are on the same ilevel as what you can get from regular Firelands, making them ideal for non-raiders or players who haven’t gotten every drop that they’ve been looking for — and in some cases, a few items are even better that what you could find from raiding. Alas, at the time of this writing, Wowhead’s PTR servers aren’t working for me and seem to be down — a shame, but there’s always next week!

In lieu of that, I’ll take this opportunity to discuss a different matter that’s be on my mind of late dealing with the changes coming in 5.0. Talents are undergoing a major overhaul, and we know that many of the current talents are going to be baked into the base class. While this works well for other classes, it’s a bit awkward when it comes to warlocks. Join me as I show you and toss in a bit of speculation for affliction.

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