Breakfast Topic: Are you planning a new main for Mists?

Breakfast Topic Are you planning a new main for Mists
With the new expansion imminent, are you beginning to wonder what you might be playing when it arrives? Have you grown tired of your role within the raid team? Are you fed up with all those damn totems?

I’m not sure myself just what I’m going to be calling my main in Mists. I wrote a Breakfast Topic awhile back where I confessed that when asked what my main is, my knee-jerk reaction is to say “paladin tank” — whereas the /played, if it could be done over the last year, would tell a very different story. My paladin’s fallen by the wayside in favor of my restoration shaman, and if the trend toward tanking being one of the easier jobs continues, my interest in tanking will likely continue to wane. But on the other hand, I like tanking when it’s tricky. My half-hearted tanking in the beta hasn’t been excessively taxing, but you never know — I haven’t attempted any pandaroics yet. I’m slightly, perversely hoping they will be similar to the Zulroics in difficulty or to the early Cataclysm heroics. I loved the way they required my full attention to tank.

And I like raid tanking when it’s tricky, and I love off-tanking with my great friend of 11 years as my main tank. He and I work really well together. But on the other hand, I PvP way more than I raid. Do I really like retribution? Not particularly.

So I’m caught in a conundrum. Which will be my first 90? Will I level a pandaren shaman? Will I really abandon my paladin? Will I keep her as my main raider? What am I going to do?

How about you? Are you sure about your Mists main? Are you confused and undecided like me? And whichever camp you fall into, tell me why!

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