Breakfast Topic: Back to the future or forward to the past?

Caverns of Time

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More and more patch 4.3 news has been emerging in recent weeks, and it’s looking like the new dungeons and raid in patch 4.3 will all be Caverns of Time instances. One intriguing twist is that the first of the three new dungeons will actually bring players to a time in the future. Though the news sounds great, I for one do not expect that the new 4.3 PVE content will exhaust the concept behind CoT. The notion of traveling backward or forward in time to witness — and perhaps even influence — an epic event in the story of WoW has the potential to breed an endless number of exiting possibilities.

A CoT instance I would like to see in the future is a visit to the past conflict between the Eredar who joined up with the Burning Legion and the Eredar who fled with the help of the Naaru (aka the Draenei). There hasn’t been much Draenei lore or story development since The Burning Crusade, so I think an Eredar-themed CoT venture would be welcome (and for once, my Draenei shaman wouldn’t have to disguise himself as a Human). Perhaps players could be brought back to the eredar homeworld Argus to assist Velen and the Draenei as they attempt to escape from Archimonde, Kil’Jaeden and the demon-corrupted Eredar. If Sargeras is involved in the next expansion, perhaps the trip back to the time at which he recruited the Eredar could be part of an attempt to weaken or destroy him.

What Caverns of Time dungeons or raids do you hope to see developed in WoW? Would you rather go back to an historic moment in the past or forward to some key event in the future?

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