Breakfast Topic: Design your own level 90 spell or ability

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In every expansion, all the classes get a few new abilities. Surely next year, the level cap will be 90 or higher, so there are more opportunities for your favorite class to become overpowered! What idea would you like to see implemented as a new ability for your class of choice?

Try and keep it realistic, please. I’m sure Blizzard won’t give rogues an insta-kill ability that is only usable with 5 combo points — at least, I hope not — but maybe it could add a new move that would have a 5% chance per combo point at one-shotting enemies more than 5 levels below you. I don’t really play a rogue, so I’m sure that idea sounds outrageous to all you sneaky stealthers out there — but that is why I am asking your opinion!

I know my holy paladin would love an AOE heal that isn’t on a cooldown or has limited resources. Maybe a spell that drops a huge surge of healing light on a location, similar to the druid’s Hurricane spell, but only one tick of healing that is spammable. Doesn’t sound too overpowered to me … but I might be biased.

So share up! Let us know your ideas in the comments, and who knows? Maybe Blizzard will read it and be inspired enough to implement.

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