Breakfast Topic: Does the Call to Arms bag affect how you queue?

As a tank, I don’t queue for the Dungeon Finder unless the Call to Arms bag is available. Period. End of discussion. To be honest, I hadn’t noticed this about myself until just recently, when I found myself tanking a lot more because the bag was available for subsequent queues.

Then I realized that not only was I only tanking when the bag was available, I kept checking the bag’s availability. I would stand there, hit the eye on my toolbar, look to see if the CTA flag was there, and if not, close it out and go do something else for a few minutes (auctions, organize my bank or bags, talk in guild), and then hit the eye again and see if the flag was up. If it was, I’d queue. If not, I would go do something else again. One afternoon, I refused to run but must have checked to see if the CTA was available 10 times before giving up and going for transmog runs.

Have I been trained by the Call to Arms rewards? Am I a Pavlovian tank, demanding my bribe bag before I sign up to do my job? Have any of you tanks or healers felt yourself acting this way, refusing to queue unless fabulous prizes await?

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