Breakfast Topic: Has your opinion about the pandaren changed?

The introduction of the pandaren to World of Warcraft as a playable race has finally arrived, after years of requests. Fans split into different camps. Some love the idea of having the pandaren race in WoW, but others still believe the pandaren to be an April Fool’s gag and nothing more. Now that the beta has arrived, we’ve had a much better look at our new pandaren allies.

While not the strongest supporter of the pandaren in the beginning, I was of the mindset that it wouldn’t be the most ridiculous thing added to WoW, so I wasn’t going to complain. In a world where cow people walk side-by-side with the living dead and green linebackers from outer space, panda people didn’t seem like too much of a leap of logic.

Actually seeing the implementation of the pandaren, though, changed my mind about them — the realization of the idea rather than the idea itself is what allowed me to accept the thing.

Now that the pandaren are out in the wild, has your opinion about them changed? Were they once a jokey race now elevated to nod-worthy status? Do you need more time to see where Blizzard develops the pandaren story? Have pandaren not moved on your radar?

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