Breakfast Topic: Have you ever switched mains for your friends?

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Look at that panda! Look at it! OK, read the text for a second, now look at it again! Such an adorable little thinking panda. What am I doing again? Oh right, yes, sorry about that. So, I had a message on Twitter from Chronosar of Sisters of Elune (US) with an idea for a Breakfast Topic, and I thought it was a great idea, because it raised a dilemma I am in the midst of myself. That adorable panda is my shaman on the beta, and I’m kind of in a conundrum, because I love her. The reworking of shaman has been amazing, and playing one is just fantastic right now. I also play my shaman on live much more than I play my paladin.

But my main (for PvE, at least) has always been a paladin tank. My friend Mark, who introduced me to WoW and who I’ve known for over 10 years, taught me how to paladin tank. I was and indeed sometimes still am the off tank to his main tank. But really, right now, my main is my shaman. I’ve healed all of our heroic raids lately. So a switch back to the paladin right now would almost be something I was doing for Mark’s benefit.

And I’m kind of OK with that. I love being the other half of the dynamic duo with him. When he and I used to run a bar together, we were a great team, and we still are now, so I wouldn’t resent it. I’d be switching mains to be a part of that team, and that’d be fine by me.

But I got to thinking: Have you ever switched mains for a reason other than simply because you wanted to? Have you done it because your raid team needed a tank? Or a mage? Because your Arena buddies really wanted a shaman? Because you turned out to be really good at healing when all you really wanted to do was make with the stabby? And if you have, how did that impact your WoW time? Did the satisfaction of doing something for your friends outweigh the dissatisfaction at playing your second or even your third choice of character?

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