Breakfast Topic: How has your WoW playstyle changed?

Breakfast Topic How has your WoW playstyle changed
As I’ve matured, I’ve found that the way I play World of Warcraft has changed significantly. I used to bend my lifestyle around the game. I remember waking up early to get in some playtime or doing a few dailies over my lunch break. I felt terrible if I missed the daily heroic run, and I often missed sleep (or occasionally, work) to get that run in. Oh, and let’s not even mention raid nights. That time felt crucial to me, and I would rage at my wife or anything else that interrupted.

Now, though, I’ve mellowed out. I haven’t raided seriously in several months; occasionally, I’ll pick up a PUG run through trade chat or OpenRaid if I happen to have a block of time on a given day, but for the most part, I’m spending a lot less time in-game then I used to. You know what? I couldn’t be happier. Due to the improvements Blizzard has made, the time I spend in-game is more efficient, and I get to spend more time writing and theorycrafting, which is my true love. Instead of being burned out and frustrated, I’m excited to see the new things Mists of Pandaria will bring. My hope is that cross-realm raiding will be extended to current raids, which will greatly increase my ability to tackle the difficulty level I choose at a time I choose.

What about you? How has your playstyle changed over the years?

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