Breakfast Topic: How would you redesign the old character models?

I’m sure you all watched Anne’s above video on the female pandaren animations — which, by the way, look amazing. I’m really hoping they’re an indication of what is to come from the character model redesigns we’re hoping to see in Mists of Pandaria.

But I started to wonder what I’d like to see in character model redesigns, and of course, what you would. I’m not going to go through it race by race; that would be tiresome and also take forever. Also, one of the races I actually think looks worst, the worgen, isn’t up for a redesign yet. Ugh, that perpetually snarling face … It’s so awful, I can’t even … and the sniffing … Stop it, Olivia. Back on topic.

So one of my first changes would be to have the undead elbows show as an option, rather than by default on every character. I understand that some people may like them, but I don’t. I’d also like to have long-sleeved clothes cover them up! Are the undead so proud of their skeletal elbows that they have all their clothes adjusted to show them off? I mean, shout it out, undead — be proud of who you are, but some must be more modest, surely?

I’d like more hair animation. I really like that in the pandaren models, how their pigtails and bangs move as they do. I’d love to see better hands and fewer Popeye forearms, but the biggest culprit for the Popeye arms (goblin) also isn’t getting updated. And more facial animation — as Anne mentions, the pandaren lady has a fantastically expressive face, and I’d love that to be taken to the other models.

What about you? What would you like to see? And what wouldn’t you like to see removed? Leave the draenei ladies alone! They’re hawt

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