Breakfast Topic: I will kill the Curator as many times as it takes


You hear me, Curator? I don’t care if I have to end you weekly for the next six years — I will do it. Just ask Ashkandi. I don’t stop until I get the drop, so if you decide to be parsimonious with my tier 4 token, I can keep farming you from now until the end of time. I’m OK with it. Just ask General Rajaxx. That dude just would not listen … and now? Now he’s dead for the 10 billionth time, and I have a Manslayer of the Qiraji. Fool of a boss. This could have been over a long time ago.

Yes, this is because of transmogrification. I don’t know if a single feature yet introduced has managed to alter my play habits as much as this one. I search obsessively for gloves, boots, belts, capes to match whatever current set I’m trying to build. (At the moment, I’m vacillating between season 1 and tier 4). I even did some Arenas and RBGs in order to grind up a Cataclysmic Gladiator’s Greatsword faster, not to use in PvP, but because I wanted to use it for mogging. Yes, I did PvP because I wanted to look pretty.

So now for you. Have you found yourself doing something you never would have, farming a drop, running instances, PvPing, maybe even raiding — just for the ‘mog?

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