Breakfast Topic: Screenshots from the ancient vaults


From time to time, I go look at old, old screenshots. Some of them date back to The Burning Crusade. Others go all the way back to vanilla WoW. Still others are of more recent (Wrath, early Cataclysm) vintage. The above screenshot is from the original Naxxramas event, patch 1.11, and it shows me sitting there waiting for folks to log on and raid the darn thing. It also shows me in tank gear wearing a two-handed sword, which kind of goes to show you how silly I was.

It’s kind of like digital archaeology for me to go through the oldest of my screenshot folder. I can trace which spec I was at specific points in time, how far along I was in raiding, and even what server I’m on. “If I’m in Black Temple when it was current, I must be on Norgannon in this screenshot.” There are even screenshots where I have absolutely no idea what’s going on, what gear I’m in or why I’m in it, or even what everything is. These are probably the ones I could get rid of.

Basically, I hoard screenshots. I take them all the time for no particular reason, and then go “buh” years later when I find them. What about you? Take any good screenshots lately? Oh, and if you do, don’t forget our Around Azeroth column, please.

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