Breakfast Topic: Should we get more for being exalted?

Breakfast Topic Shoud we get more for being exalted

As we work our way up the reputation ladders, we get access to more stuff. At exalted, we get access to the best stuff — but then we’ve hit the ceiling and can go no further. Provisioner Whitecloud will never like me anymore than she does already.

It makes sense to max out our reputation. It also makes sense that Blizzard doesn’t ever add another tier (worshipped?). But if Ms. Whitecloud thinks I’m all that, why doesn’t she provide me with new stuff every once in a while? Surely she must know I already have my wrestler belt Belt of the Ferocious Wolf; why doesn’t she offer me something shiny and new?

I hadn’t really considered this until I read Ben’s post about it over at Scribblings on the Asylum Wall. He has a couple suggestions for Blizzard to add to exalted rewards periodically, including upgrading the ilevel of the gear being offered. My favorite of his ideas is adding vanity pieces for transmogging gear into something fun, like the Challenge Mode armor sets that will be in Mists of Pandaria. I would also like a thingy that would turn me into a dryad. Mylune is my hero.

Do you think there should be periodic additions to exalted rep rewards? What would you like to see offered, if so?

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