Breakfast Topic: The comments that will never die and go away

We’ve all heard them before, over and over again. Sometimes they’re small things like “Blizzard has said Paladins are their favorite class,” or “Ghostcrawler only plays death knights in raids.” Other times they’re things like “The B team is running WoW now,” or some such junk.

They’re the comments and misconceptions that will just never die.

Part of what we do here at WoW Insider, and one of the reasons I think we’ve been so successful over the years, is that we get the right message out there about these misconceptions. Yet still, no matter how many times we answer them in The Queue or elsewhere, we still here them. This is just the nature of a community that’s as large as WoW (and yes, 9.1 million is still large). But enough philosophy.

Let’s talk about some of the biggest misconceptions and comments that you hear that never ever go away. I’ll start:

  • The B team is running WoW (this isn’t true, not by a long shot)
  • Ghostcrawler destroyed WoW (not true, he was there even during most people’s ‘good old days’)
  • Multiboxers are counted twice in the subscription numbers (they’re not)
  • Blizzard rushes patch ideas out (rarely, if ever, is this true — most big ideas are done months, if not a year, in advance)
  • No one at Blizzard reads the forums (also not true, I’ve witness them read the forums with my own eyes)
  • Zarhym, Nethaera, Bashiok, etc… can all fix servers, and they should be doing this instead of commenting on the forums (which they don’t read, of course).

What are your favorite misconceptions and, well, just plain stupid comments you hear time and again?

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