Breakfast Topic: The MoP beta virtual drinking game

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As I was taking my adorable and fierce pandaren monk through the Wandering Isle, I started wanting to drink some virtual stout every time the same things happened. I considered making a bingo card, but that’s far too much work.

Drinking alone is no fun, though, so maybe you’ll join me in my Mists of Pandaria beta virtual drinking game. Enjoy the virtual drink of your choice each time:

  • Someone asks where the mailbox is on the Wandering Isle.
  • You see a new pop culture reference.
  • The server disconnects you.
  • You identify a troll in general chat.
  • Someone asks for advice or info and then refuses to listen to any of the people helping.
  • You say, “Ooooh! Shiny!” (Replace “shiny” with the exclamation you use when finding something new and/or interesting.)

What would you add to the drinking game? Would you actually stock up on booze for your character and drink up? If you aren’t in the beta, make an MoP beta coverage game and let us know how to play.

Important safety tip: Please remember to virtually drink responsibly.

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