Breakfast Topic: What are you doing while you wait for MoP?

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It is so very hard to be satisfied with the game as it is, when all the shinies from the expansion are being dangled in front of you. It can seem like you’re spinning your wheels playing characters that are going to be so different in the near future. And how many times have you done the same dailies and run the same dungeons?

In the month or two before The Burning Crusade came out, I had a goal. I wanted the Frostwolf Howler, and I would do anything to get it. The “anything” I had to do was run Alterac Valley over and over and over to raise my reputation with the Frostwolf Clan. Alterac Valley was a lengthy Battleground in vanilla WoW, with one instance often lasting an hour or more. I still miss those times, even with all the grinding, because I loved the PvE aspect of it — especially summoning the Ice Lord to decimate the Alliance.

Right now, I am mostly playing the MoP beta and SWTOR. I’ve been meaning to get more characters to max level, but I just haven’t gotten around to it. And when Diablo III comes out, well, it will be difficult playing any other game for a bit.

So what are you doing while you wait for Mists of Pandaria? Are you playing the beta? Does another game have your attention? Are you enjoying a different aspect of the game (like PvP) from what you normally play? Or are you just doing what you’ve always done, perfectly happy to be patient until the new expansion?

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