Breakfast Topic: What are you just not that excited about in Mists?

As many commenters elaborated in my earlier Breakfast Topic, for everyone who’s excited about something to come in Mists of Pandaria, there’s someone who isn’t. It’s easy to say what we are excited about in MoP, with so many great features coming out. But as with everything, you have to take the rough with the smooth.

What I’m interested in today is not QQ and anger but rather which of the new features you’re simply not that excited about. What doesn’t really do anything for you? What can’t you see yourself using or benefiting from?

Personally, I have my reservations about a few aspects of the expansion. I can’t really see myself going crazy over the Pet Battles and the farming land, but I may well change my tune on that. So far, I haven’t been blown away by what’s coming out of the beta as far as the new continent and theme goes. I’m not saying it’s bad, just that it isn’t something I’m personally amazed by.

It’s all relative, and compared to how excited I am about the new talents, for example, the Pandaria landscape doesn’t come close. That probably has a lot to do with my WoW gaming preferences, too. And of course, as far as the Pet Battles and the farming go, I can just avoid playing aspects of the game that don’t particularly excite me. Nobody’s forcing you to farm. (Well, I hope they’re not.)

However, there are so many more things I really, really am looking forward to. I’m not looking for “The whole thing sucks — I’m quitting WoW!” But what just isn’t really interesting or exciting to you?

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