Breakfast Topic: What do you expect from this year’s BlizzCon?


Well, we asked ourselves, and we figured it was only fair to ask you too. Not that many of you didn’t weigh in on the original post, but this is really the sort of question that’s best to crowdsource, especially after staggering back to one’s room from the bar at the Annabella: What do you expect to see at this year’s BlizzCon?

With a look at the schedule of events on day one, we can reasonably expect to see a preview of the Deathwing encounter (well, more of it), and the most common guess that I’ve seen so far is that the talent system is going to be overhauled in the run-up to the next expansion. Interestingly, that seems to have been a popular guest even before the BlizzCon schedule was released and all but confirmed that something is afoot. Speaking of expansions, there’s the specter of that “World of Warcraft preview” panel this afternoon, and I think we all know what that’s going to be about. Sort of.

Pandas? Emerald Dream? Xoroth? Tijuana? Ladies and gentlemen, place your bets.

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