Breakfast Topic: What lore do you think was missing in Cataclysm?

Breakfast Topic What lore do you think was missing in Cataclysm

We saw a whole lot of Thrall, and Deathwing set us and almost everything else on fire. We got to meet legends and become The Dark Lady’s favorite hero. We fled from both Kezan and Gilneas. Cataclysm was a busy expansion, but did the stories disappoint you in anyway?

Rades recently posted about his lore disappointments. He particularly goes on about Deathwing’s lack of character development. I can see his point; Deathwing turned out to be somewhat of a cardboard character. He used to be a bit more subtle and sneaky — subtlety is no longer his strong point. That having been said, dragons are cool.

My lore disappointment has to do with the goblins. I don’t get why Thrall kept that betrayer of goblinkind, Gallywix, as the trade prince when he welcomed goblins to the Horde. He’s evil, conniving … OK, that could describe most of his race. But he’s a traitor and an incompetent businessgoblin, no matter what he claims. Sassy Hardwrench was the obvious choice for the job, since [insert goblin player name here] was obviously too busy being a hero to take it. Also, what’s with the completely unused (except for parties and roleplay) Pleasure Palace? Hmmph.

Were you bothered by any Cataclysm lore you felt was missing or otherwise disappointing? Or do you just play the game and ignore the lore?

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