Breakfast Topic: What new Mists ability are you the most or the least excited about?

Breakfast Topic What new ability are you the most or the least excited about in Mists

If you read WRUP, you’ll know that my mission for this weekend has been to get my shaman levelled on the beta. I’ve been slacking a lot with this, since there’s just so much opportunity for PvP on live servers at the moment, and there’s usually someone messaging me who wants to do Arenas. I can’t say no to Arenas!

But it’s progressing nicely now, and a couple of days ago, I hit 87 and got the new shaman ability, Ascendance. And hot damn, I’m disappointed. I mean, the ability itself is quite nice, don’t get me wrong. It’s like having Ultraxion’s green crystal on demand for restoration. And Ultraxion’s green crystal is really pretty good. But wow, the ascendant you transform into is ugly — ugh-lee. My main beta shaman (I have three) is a cute pandaren lady, and when I hit that ascendance button, she morphs into this big, ugly, semi-watery dude who dances slowly back and forth with his chest stuck out.

Alex Ziebart rightly criticized me for whining about the look of the ascendant. It is, after all, an ability called ascendance. What did I expect to transform into? A murloc? Anyhow, I’ve gone from being excited about ascendance to resenting that button. That button that drops in a big chunk more random healing … Would I be more excited if it were like Power Infusion? Probably, yes. But my main complaint is the ugliness of the form.

So how about you? You don’t have to have played the beta to know about the new abilities that are incoming; there’s been a lot of writing about it on WoW Insider. I think I’m the most excited about the mage Incanter’s Ward. It sounds like it might be really great for PvP. What do you think? What are you tense with anticipation for, and what really isn’t floating your boat?

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