Breakfast Topic: What was your first raid experience?


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After reaching max level for the first time in Wrath of the Lich King, I started to really enjoy heroic 5-man dungeons. I’d heard of raids and seen them forming in trade chat, but I was terrified to try my hand at them. I was tanking the 5-mans, and while they were generally pretty easy, I didn’t like the thought that my performance as a tank could make or break a run for others.

Finally, after gathering enough gear, I applied to an ad for the weekly raid quest to kill Lord Marrowgar. We zoned in and the other tank started pulling the opening trash. I wasn’t sure what exactly to do, so I just hung near him and tried to attack what he did. Then I was asked to make a pull. Having recently facerolled several heroics, I threw my Avenger’s Shield into some mobs and charged in. I quickly discovered that this trash was not the same as 5-man trash.

After being kicked from the raid, I licked my wounds until the expansion was in its waning days. Eventually, I joined another guild’s raid and made it all the way to tank the Lich King himself. I didn’t get the kill, but I discovered that raiding could be fun. Along the way, I found a new guild to call home.

So what was your first raid experience? What were you feeling when you first stepped into the raid? How did it go? Did it make you invest in raiding more heavily or dissuade you from doing it ever again?

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