Breakfast Topic: What’s right and wrong in Warcraft?

We hear a lot about drama in Azeroth, from the Drama Mamas to Officers’ Quarters. The relatively new Raid Finder was surrounded with controversy when it first came out, and this has led to Blizzard changing the Raid Finder loot system for Mists of Pandaria.

A lot of people have opinions on what a “good” WoW player ought to do — and I’m not talking about a good player as in a proficient player. I’m talking about a good player as in a moral one, one who doesn’t do anything they shouldn’t do. If you could write a list of rights and wrongs to tell a player how to behave morally in WoW, what would it be? There are various rules and guidelines already in place for dealing with the sterner side of this, but I’m talking about behavior that doesn’t violate these rules.

For example, I’d say that one rule I’d write would be not to roll need on loot that isn’t for your main spec, unless nobody needs it for their main spec. If you’re not a healer, don’t need on healer loot unless your healer doesn’t need it. This applies for 5-man groups and in the Raid Finder, too, although that’s much more of a free-for-all.

Maybe I’d add to not waste others’ time in raids, in line with always telling people about AFKs. Perhaps also, again in light of Raid Finder, not to queue as a role you have no intention of playing. I can’t count the number of times I’ve wondered why there are so few healers in the Raid Finder, then realized half the healers are actually DPSers.

So what would you add? What rules do you abide by in game, whether your own or imposed on you by others? What do you wish other people wouldn’t do, or would do? What’s right and wrong in Warcraft?

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