Breakfast Topic: What’s the next big change?

With the coming of transmogrification (the ability for players to customize the cosmetic look of their gear while retaining the statistics of the newest loot) in patch 4.3, Blizzard has broken a six-and-one-half-year-old ironclad philosophical premise that players should not have control over the appearance of their gear. According to Blizzard, armor was never dyeable because of the intricate texture work each piece of armor was comprised of; key pieces of armor and weapons were meant, at a glance, to let players know the power and prestige of their friend or foe.

Transmogrification is a bigger change than a lot of people realize. However, this is not the last time Blizzard will make such a huge change to the WoW philosophy. What will be the next big thing? Will it be a cross-faction race in the next expansion? Will players finally be given more customization options in the wake of the absolutely awesome transmogrification? What big change to WoW will Blizzard make next that seemingly goes against every grain we’ve come to expect? What are you hoping Blizzard works into the game that we had never really thought could be a part of World of Warcraft?

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