Breakfast Topic: Who is that guy in the tapestry?

I was doing my weekly blast through Karazhan for transmog purposes when I noticed that tapestry in the screenshot. Who is that guy? Is that guy Medivh? The same tapestry is hanging in Medivh’s bedchamber if you go up and check it out, so it would kind of make sense, but I don’t recall Medivh rocking the bare-chested look.

Seriously, all that guy needs is a big gold medallion and a panel van.

There are actually quite a few such portraits of various people in various places in WoW. I recall paintings in BRD, a portrait or two in Stratholme, various and sundry in Stormwind … It makes me wonder who these portraits are of and who makes all of them. I kind of wish I could get a game portrait of my characters — but of course, since I don’t have any place to put it, that would be kind of meaningless. Then again, with the amount of time I spend in Karazhan, I could almost say I live there.

What about you? Seen any strange or interesting art lately in game?

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