Breakfast Topic: Who’s the new star of the expansion?

You saved the wee turtles! I hope you gently, lovingly kicked them as hard as you possibly could.

Even though Cataclysm signified death and disaster for many beloved NPCs, the expansion introduced many, many others to take their places — like Mylune, pictured above. Mylune is pretty much my favorite new NPC this expansion, because you really can’t do a quest for Mylune without cracking up at her quest text and reactions to your efforts to save all the beloved little animals of Hyjal. Mylune’s not just a dryad — she’s got big personality that is reflected through every word of quest text.

But she’s not the only one. Take, for example, Johnny Awesome over in Hillsbrad Foothills — or any of the three “players” you encounter during the Welcome to the Machine quest, really. All of them are reflections of us, in a hysterical, larger-than-life way. Or Lorna Crowley, who introduced herself in Gilneas City with a flower in her hair and a shotgun in her hands. Or Salhet, the weak link in the Tol’vir army who tries his best, even if he isn’t amazing at hand-to-hand combat.

There were tons of new NPCs introduced with Cataclysm, but Mylune stands out as one of my favorites, just because she makes me recall the first time I ever clicked on a dryad in vanilla WoW and was greeted with a cheery “Hi there!” in reply. Do you have a favorite NPC that was introduced with Cataclysm? Who stands out in your mind?

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