Breakfast Topic: Who’s your most hated boss of Cataclysm?

Look! It’s Deathwing getting pewpew-ed by shammy lasers! I was really happy when I found this screenshot … Anyway, that’s beside the point. What I’m here to ask you today is the following: Which boss has been your most hated this expansion? It might have been a boss you just couldn’t kill or maybe a boss that you just really didn’t like because of mechanics. Or maybe you don’t like the surroundings, or maybe you just don’t like their face. Their giant, dragon face.

My candidate list has been long and merited a lot of consideration, although my guildmates will already know what the answer is. Al’Akir was a total pain, in terms of mechanics. Not the platform bit — that bit where you take off and get zapped by lightning. My tired old laptop and I hated that bit. It seemed so unpredictable and frustrating.

Nefarian‘s another one, but it’s more his room that I hated. Those pillars — well, more specifically, the tiny lip on the edge of those pillars. The tiny lip I got trapped under time and time again. Thank God for paladin bubbles — that’s all I’m going to say.

Your answer doesn’t have to be a raid boss. Jin’do The Godbreaker is a total pain in the proverbial to heal when your aggro drops are an unreliable elemental and reincarnation.

But my all-out winner of most hated boss this expansion is Ragnaros. He had it all. He was seriously boring to tank. His room was annoying (because you couldn’t zoom out as far as I’d like). The unpredictable nature of some of his mechanics (meteors, mainly) was immensely tiresome. Top all that off with some raid attendance problems leading to an insanely long time spent on him, and you’ve got all the right ingredients.

Anyhow, less about my immense dislike of Firelands. How about you? Tell me all about your boss-related woes. I’ll make the tea.

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