Breakfast Topic: Why I hate holidays


There are two reasons why I hate holiday events in World of Warcraft:

  1. Rather than a heart, I possess a shriveled black acorn of hate ripped from the oakbread tree, steeped in the corrupted blood of the deep wound of the earth, and finally implanted in my chest after my original heart was consumed by the venom of the Emerald Agony, rarest and most deadly of the agony serpents.
  2. There is no way you can convince me that running around trying to pick up eggs before anyone else gets to them while hissing expletives at the screen is anything like a good time.

Seriously, I just don’t get holidays in game. I get that other people like them, and I’m not campaigning for their removal or anything. But there has yet to be a holiday introduced in the history of World of Warcraft that’s done more than gotten me to say all right, I’ll run that for you. I don’t enjoy holidays; I tolerate them. Every year when Children’s Week rolls around, I gulp knowing I’m going to be forced to try and get School of Hard Knocks so that other people can get a mount. When Noblegarden rolled around this year, I just rolled a lady dwarf death knight so that my guildmates could throw ears on it primarily because I was tired of hearing people talk about how hard they are to find.

I guess what really bugs me about all these holidays and holiday achievements is that no one seems to enjoy them. They go nuts grinding for a new mount or pet, yeah, but I just don’t get a happy vibe when I ask people about them. Instead, I get a grim litany of how many more necklaces or chocolates or whatever they have to get through. I could just be missing the joy, I suppose. I’m very good at that.

Do you like holidays? If so, why? If not, congratulations on agreeing with me. Also, why not?

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