Breakfast Topic: Your evil, animatronic late-night pugging is back


Why hello, insomnia. Fancy seeing you around here again. It’s been what, a week? I guess that’s enough sleep. As is my wont, I tend to log onto WoW and do ridiculous things when I’m tired, like run Dungeon Finder groups over and over again. I don’t need the points, as I usually cap valor just by raiding, and I don’t need the gear. Sometimes I tank, sometimes I DPS. (I have yet to figure out how to queue my warrior as a healer.) I’ve figured out, to some extent, why I do this.

  1. I test out build ideas in PuGs. That prot spec with all the threat talents, or the other one that cherry picks for Second Wind and Blood Craze. (Yeah, I tanked with that one. It worked OK, but man, I missed Blood and Thunder.) My fury spec that has both SMF and TG for no good reason aside from switching between Gurthalak and Souldrinker every few minutes. (Gurth’s way better, in case you were wondering.)
  2. I like killing things in video games. No real surprise there.
  3. I indulge my transmog jones. There’s something about running Well of Eternity in tier 2, then going back and transmogging into level 40 greens and running it again. It amuses me.
  4. I get to feel like a superhero. Seriously, a lot of the time I get dropped into a run halfway through that’s struggling on Azshara or Murozond, and I can just kind of go completely and utterly bonkers on said boss. Yes, one of the reasons we collect all this gear is so we can feel powerful. I don’t go around posting meters or bragging; I often say very little aside from an occasional joke.

Number 4 up there is the easiest one to be obnoxious about, so I try never to be that guy going on about how awesome his DPS is or pulling threat because he couldn’t wait for the tank. Yeah, I could probably do more if I opened up sooner, but I don’t feel like it’s necessary. I’m there because it feels good to show up and help lift a group over obstacles, not to become an obstacle. I did enjoy the one group where everyone was very encouraging to see exactly what I could do, though. It was fun to just cut loose on Dawnslayer for once.

How about y’all? Ever up at ungodly hours? If so, and you see that guy above, he might be me. (I change looks by the hour.)

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