Breakfast Topic: Your other character isn’t here

Breakfast Topic Your other character isn't here

I sometimes run dungeons as fury DPS because fury is fun, and I’m geared enough that I could run with pretty much any DPS spec I wanted and contribute reasonable DPS. The other day, I had a person on their mage spend a lot of time explaining to me how I should be arms, because arms is better DPS. He told me about how he has four geared alts that could do more DPS than I was as fury, and that it was a bad spec. My response was pretty simple.

“I’m still beating the you that you brought. Your alts aren’t here.”

To some degree, I’m going to enjoy it when Mists of Pandaria drops and we can see our account-wide titles and achievements, because then I can inspect all these people with the supposedly geared mains who are totally done with heroic Dragon Soul and who know best in every situation and on every pull. Somehow, despite all these geared, 8/8 DS players who happen to be on their alts, they never seem to know how not to stand in the gunk on Sylvanas in End Time, how to interrupt on Queen Azshara in Well of Eternity, or how to not stand in things on Archbishop Benedictus in Hour of Twilight.

In the end, I just think it’s funny how some of the biggest self-proclaimed experts I run into seem to be so busy being expert at classes they’re not playing at the moment that they forget to master the one they’re on — and are you even really qualified to discuss your main if you’re not playing it?

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