Breakfast Topic: Your personal brick wall

I think for the vast majority of us, every expansion has one: It’s the brick wall that you hit in raiding or in PvP. Sometimes it’s because of your skill (we are all not the 1% of the best of the best WoW players, no matter what we want to think). Sometimes it’s because of the time and effort you can put it. And sometimes it’s because of what everyone else around you does. But no matter the reason, it’s there. It’s that last boss that you can’t defeat, that last PvP achievement you can’t get, or that last rated BG rank you can’t obtain.

For me, it’s usually run around personal time commitments. The summer is the time that I make most of my life changes in, for some odd reason, and that’s also the time that expansion ends. So in The Burning Crusade, I wasn’t able to finish off Sunwell, though I did get to kill Felmyst. In Wrath, I got through only a couple of heroic modes, and in Cataclysm, I was able to get to 6/8 heroic before my life started to get in the way (a big move to a new city and this whole getting married thing that’s coming up in August). In classic WoW, my guild was nice but not very skilled, so we didn’t go beyond BWL.

I wish that I was able to progress more through the hardest content at the end of an expansion, but I feel that especially this time around, I’ve gotten my fair share of the hard stuff done. I’ll take my 6/8 into Mists with pride, sporting some crazy-good warlock gear.

What’s your personal brick wall, dear readers? What haven’t you been able to get done in an expansion?

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