Challenge modes provide new teleportation options

Challenge modes provide new teleportation options

The fine folks at Wowhead have discovered a tasty tidbit in the latest beta patch for those upset about the upcoming loss of the Have Group, Will Travel guild perk. It appears that completing a dungeon challenge mode on Gold will unlock an ability called Challenger’s Path, enabling you to instantly teleport to that dungeon’s entrance whenever you choose.

Personally, I love this. I still use my Dimensional Ripper and Wormhole Generator to go hopping around the lands of the old expansions whenever I’m messing around with things, and being able to flit around Pandaria will be amazing as well. (Yes, there’s a new Wormhole Generator for Pandaria, but it apparently only takes you to a random spot in the continent, which isn’t as helpful.)

For more details, port over to Wowhead News.

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