Does the Annual Pass guarantee instant beta access?

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A number of WoW Annual Pass subscribers are upset over a change to the Annual Pass terms, which now grant access to the Mists of Pandaria beta test over successive invite batches as opposed to the originally advertised “when it goes live.” When the Annual Pass was announced at BlizzCon, I had never dreamed that Blizzard would let in press, fan sites, players, Annual Pass holders, opt-in players, and more at the exact same time. It has not been the norm for Blizzard to run things in such a way, but these days, it’s hard to expect the norm from Irvine.

My honest reaction to this whole controversy is that in the course of four weeks, it won’t be a huge deal because a majority of people looking to get beta access immediately will probably have it. The people who have or had beta access will do what a majority of players do — play for a little bit, check out the pandas, show their friends, and then they’re gone until release day. That’s fine and dandy, no doubt about it, but a lot of the rhetoric coming from the community is that beta was a chance for them to try the game and see for themselves. That’s not what a beta is about, in principle.

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