Encrypted Text: Hot rogue news from the developer Q&A

leeching poison

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I went all the way to BlizzCon this year, stood in line to ask the developers about rogue utility in person, and didn’t really get an answer that anyone was satisfied with. Rogue utility came from our stuns, which every melee class now has in spades. I hung my head and accepted that rogues were going to suffer through another expansion without any improvements. I had been hoping that Ghostcrawler, WoW‘s lead systems developer, would have more news to share.

But then, at first light on the fifth day after BlizzCon, Ghostcrawler appeared atop the hill on his brilliant crab Shadowfax. His white robes shone brilliantly in the bright dawn, and his nerf bat was raised high over his head. With him rode 1,000 answers, ready to rush down the hill to trample our questions, which were rallying in the valley below. As he parted his lips, a beautiful song poured forth: “We are reworking poisons.”

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