Encrypted Text: Reflecting on our Cataclysm abilities

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I love October. While any baseball fan will tell you that there’s a special feeling in the air during October, I couldn’t care less about the World Series. I know plenty of football fans who enjoy spending their Octobers obsessing over their fantasy rosters, but my team has cruised to a 5-and-0 start already. I’m not even particularly excited that my birthday falls in October, as another event takes priority. October is BlizzCon month for me, and I can’t wait to hear all about what’s in store for rogues as we learn about next year’s expansion.

When thinking about what cool abilities rogues might see in the next WoW expansion, I started reflecting on the new spells we received in Cataclysm. For our new high-level spells, we picked up Combat Readiness, Redirect, and Smoke Bomb. Recuperate was added to our low-level spells to help make leveling smoother and to provide rogues with a healing option that didn’t involve bandages. How useful have these spells proven themselves to be over the past year?

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