Encrypted Text: Shuriken Toss breaks all the rules

shuriken toss

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Raise your hand if you remember fighting against Shazzrah. I’m not talking about our recent bout with Shannox or even our old fights against Mother Shahraz. Shazzrah goes way back, to WoW‘s very first raid instance, Molten Core. Due to the frequent AoE explosions that Shazzrah unleashed, rogues couldn’t engage him without being slaughtered immediately. While the rest of the raid fought the boss, I joined the other rogues in my group crushing Blindweed and making some food next to the Cooking Fire.

As a melee class, our biggest weakness for years has been that we can only deal damage to nearby targets. It’s limited our ability to swap targets effectively, our ability to avoid point-blank AoE attacks, and our ability to attack any target that’s not on the ground. Rogues, along with other melee classes, have actually been benched because of these limitations. These shackles and restrictions have bound our class since its inception.

Shuriken Toss has the chance to change all that. The new level 90 rogue talent slated for Mists of Pandaria might redefine what it means to play a rogue.

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