Encrypted Text: The evolution of rogue PvP

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During the lull between WoW expansions, I’ve been trying out a few action real-time strategy games like League of Legends and Dota 2. One of the things I’ve been learning about A-RTS games is that there are several different roles that the characters can fill. While WoW typically revolves around the tank/healer/DPS trinity, these PvP-only games have much more diversity.

For example, there’s the nuker role, which focuses on quick bursts of damage, and the disabler role, which focuses on controlling enemies to set up a kill. If you look between the lines, some of these roles are present in WoW PvP as well. Rogues have been relied upon to provide the stuns and snares to control targets, as well as to provide the burst needed to eliminate our enemies. We’ve worn a lot of hats over the past few years, and we’ve found ways to excel in each niche.

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