Ghostcrawler talks warriors on the Mists of Pandaria beta forums


Ghostcrawler has contributed a great deal to an already large list of consolidated warrior issues on the Mists of Pandaria beta forums, and then just kept on posting. It’s actually a lot to consider — so much so that I’m fairly certain I can get two big posts out of it. This post will be the one that tries to break down what it all means.

Some of what he’s posting is of more concern to beta testers than the general population (for instance, how the devs prefer their feedback), but we can still take some interesting points from the two posts where GC lays everything out for us. If you’ll forgive me for a lot of paraphrasing and selecting:

  • Tanking for warriors (the oft-discussed active mitigation system) is designed around the concept of turning rage into survival. Shield Block and Shield Barrier are designed that keeping them up reliably will improve your survival, but in cutting-edge content, you’ll want to use them in a smart way (that is, save them for big damage situations) rather than just hitting them as soon as you have the rage. Tanking for new tanks will be designed so that missing a Shield Block now and again won’t wreck you.
  • Rage is the limiting mechanic for the class, not cooldowns, at least so far as the design vision of the class is concerned.
  • Arms and fury have a big rage generation attack and a big rage spending attack, but that’s where the similarities between them are intended to end. Arms should feel more predictable but have slower rage generation due to its use of a single, slow weapon, while fury abilities proc less reliably, but the spec has more rage to spend because it uses two weapons, to fit the distinction between arms as a disciplined blade expert and fury as a screaming madman.
  • The intention for Battle Stance is to be the default battle stance (as the name would suggest), while Berserker Stance will be attractive for PvP or fights with high incoming damage. Blizzard’s still working on Berserker Stance’s design, but that’s the goal.

There’s more to discuss, so let’s get to discussing it.

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