Has the beta changed your mind about Pandaria?

I can’t really deny that I’ve been excited about and looking forward to Mists since I first heard the announcement for it. To me, the idea of a new continent to explore reminded me of the days trekking around Outland, and I’ve missed that feeling. Sure, Wrath of the Lich King was great, but it was Northrend — it didn’t really have that alien feel of landscape I’d never seen before, even though some areas were pretty breathtaking. But for a little while there, I felt like I was in the minority.

The reaction to the Mists of Pandaria announcement was mixed, which had me fairly confused. Much of the gripe seemed to be coming from the fact that pandaren were going to become a playable race. I found this a little odd, especially given that a Know Your Lore I’d written a little over a year before had plenty of people pondering the idea of pandaren in game with delight — maybe not as playable, but it certainly seemed like people wanted to see them. So … what gives?

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