How do you reconcile faction disloyalty in roleplay?

How do you reconcile faction disloyalty in roleplay SAT

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I received an email not too long ago that poses an interesting question. With all of the tumultuous back and forth in the Alliance and Horde, roleplaying a character within a faction is a somewhat difficult task. It’s doubly difficult when you’re playing a character that is a race that doesn’t seem to be largely accepted by its faction leader. In the case of the email, it was a blood elf character who just wasn’t feeling all that into Garrosh Hellscream. Garrosh’s ideals and idea of what the Horde should be stood in stark contrast to everything the blood elf believed.

This sentiment could hold equally true for a worgen or a draenei, both of which haven’t really been what you would call warmly embraced by the Alliance. The draenei in particular don’t necessarily share the same ideals as their Alliance brethren. In Mists of Pandaria, we’ll be embarking on an adventure to a foreign continent, but we’ll be doing so as representatives of our respective factions. Our characters will be sent to this strange new land at the behest of our faction leaders.

So if you’re a character that doesn’t necessarily believe in or care for your faction leader, how do you reconcile doing what they say into your roleplay? Why would your character be doing something for someone they don’t like?

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