Last Week in WoW: Being the very best

Last Week in WoW Being the very best edition

Happy Tuesday morning, everyone. With another week comes another beta patch, and this one features my favorite new thing from the expansion, Pet Battles. Finally, I can beat up little animals in style, baby. Warcraft Pets has a good guide to getting started. If you’re not in the beta or if you’re waiting for Mists to go live, don’t worry. You can bide your time on the live servers while you fly around the shape of a big old cat — assuming you have a friend who’s willing to buy WoW.

No matter how you’re spending your time these days, you’ll have to spend at least a few minutes of it away from WoW this morning, as we have rolling restarts headed our way at 5 a.m. PDT. While you wait for the servers to finish rolling over, why not catch up on the latest news? Our usual roundup awaits you.

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