Mists of Pandaria Beta: New warlock pets

One of the nice new warlock features coming about in Mists of Pandaria is new pets, thanks to the level 75 talent Grimoire of Supremacy. These pets are active on the beta, and we have some pictures to share.

It should be noted that the sizes might be off; it’s not an uncommon beta bug to have pet sizes be strange at first. No idea if this is intentional, though, so take the size with a grain of salt.

The new warlock pets are:

  • Fel Imp (replaces the Imp when talented)
  • Wrathguard (replaces the Felguard when talented)
  • Voidlord (replaces the Void Walker when talented)
  • Shivarra(replaces the Succubus when talented)
  • Observer (replaces the Felhound when talented)
  • Abyssal (replaces the Infernal when talented)
  • Terrorguard (replaces the Doomguard when talented)

You can also check out the gallery below, but be sure to view it in high resolution to get the best images.

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