Mists of Pandaria Beta: Wrathion’s return?

The latest patch on the Mists of Pandaria beta opened up Pet Battles (briefly), new areas and more — including a very familiar face from Cataclysm. Wrathion, the only uncorrupted black dragon in existence and source of the legendary daggers Fangs of the Father, has apparently made good on his mention of exploration in the Fangs of the Father recap posted by Blizzard. Wrathion can now be found in the Tavern of the Mists in the Veiled Stair, north of the Valley of the Four Winds.

Lest you think that Wrathion is a Goody Two-shoes, make note of the location. It’s also the location of Madam Goya, titled Leader of the Black Market. Goya has nothing for sale yet — she merely replies to questioning players with a sly, “Wait till you see what I have for you …” and no other way to interact. But given the shady nature of the black market, it makes one wonder whether Wrathion is simply taking a rest from travel or if perhaps he’s up to slightly more sinister pursuits.

Tangling with Wrathion wouldn’t be recommended, either — not only is he in the company of Madam Goya, he has two personal guards, simply named Right and Left. All guards and NPCs in this location are level 90 elites. While Wrathion’s presence and motives are a mystery for now, it’s still nice to see the return of the temperamental prince who earned the respect of many a rogue in Cataclysm.

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