Mists of Pandaria: Chris Metzen interview

Chris Metzen, senior VP of Story and Franchise Development, the man behind the story of World of Warcraft, was gracious enough to sit down with WoW Insider for an interview at the Mists of Pandaria press event. Chris discusses Garrosh and the Siege of Orgrimmar, Varian Wrynn, neutral factions, older expansion races, WoW‘s newfound story freedom, and more.

WoW Insider: The big thing that really struck me from your talk at the beginning was this whole Garrosh thing, because that just seemed so bold. Did you have a longstanding plan to do that with Garrosh’s arc, or did it just seem like the right thing to do for this particular expansion?

CM: I would say Garrosh remaining Warchief … his term as Warchief was always going to be … brief. Bringing him up, you know, Alex Afrasiabi created this character for Outland, hanging out in Garadar, and he was just written so well. I just went, “Wow, this character’s really bitchin’. Let’s leverage him forward, let’s get him going.” We always knew we would make him Warchief, but that would be a short reign. It’s not his Horde. So what’s totally funny to me is, as we’ve been talking about for the past couple of days and throwing it out to people and they were going, “W-what! You can’t get rid of him! We love him!” As compared to two years ago, when people went, “What the hell were you thinking, Blizzard? This character sucks! You ruined my Horde! You ruined everything! What the hell are you guys smoking over there!” So it’s been funny seeing going from absolute hate, recognizing fans are so incensed about it … We’re just spinning fiction, you know? We’re spinning stories. We said, “This’ll be good for the franchise. It’s gonna be bumpy for a while, but it’ll be fun.”

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