Mists of Pandaria streamlines enchanting rods

Enchanting is a profession needed by just about every player in the World of Warcraft. Unfortunately, getting started with the profession has historically had a high barrier to entry in the form of enchanting rods. If you picked up enchanting in Cataclysm, you would need to craft a Runed Copper Rod, Runed Silver Rod, Runed Golden Rod, Runed Truesilver Rod, Runed Arcanite Rod, Runed Fel Iron Rod, Runed Adamantite Rod, Runed Eternium Rod, Runed Titanium Rod, and Runed Eternium Rod in order before you could perform any high-level enchants. What’s more, each one of those rods required the previous rod as a component in its construction. These rods all require materials that were considered rare in their day but can be even harder to find now that players aren’t running that old content anymore. Have fun finding a Primal Might on the auction house in today’s game!

Thankfully, the rod structure will change in Mists of Pandaria. Over the course of the last few Mists beta patches, the developers have been combing through enchanting and reducing the rod requirements across the board; it appears that the only rod you will need to perform any and every enchant is the first one, the Runed Copper Rod. If you have a better rod, it will continue to function — each rod continues to act as its lesser counterpart — but there is no longer a need for new enchanters to upgrade their rod beyond Copper.

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