Mists of Pandaria talent calculator updated

The Mists of Pandaria talent calculator has received another update, according to a tweet by Community Manager Zarhym. Preliminary exploration into the calculator reveals that some new talents have been added, though we haven’t gotten any details on just how many classes have been tweaked. However, Zarhym also stated that we’ll see more details about these changes in a update to be posted shortly, so keep your eyes peeled. And until then, be sure to check out the talent calculator for your class, and see what the new talents have to offer!

Edit: Community Manager Kaivax has posted some clarifications on the changes to the talent system. Shaman and hunters, you may not see a lot of changes on your trees just yet, as they are still being worked on. And all classes should be aware that spells or mechanics not listed may be either automatically rolled into your class or available as a glyph. Follow after the break for the full post from Kaivax.

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