MMO Roundup: Wizard myths, free-to-play, and dirty ISK

MMO Roundup Wizard myths, freetoplay, and dirty ISK

Sometimes, you’d like to know that there are other MMOs out there, right? It’s not all WoW, all the time! Our sister site Massively can provide you with everything you need to know about all of the other MMOs around — past, present and future.

Five Diablo III wizard myths tested and debunked
Diablo III is still a new game, and players are still picking apart the fine mechanics of their favorite classes. In this guide, Massively puts five popular wizard myths to the test and discovers the inner workings of Energy Armour, Hydra, Blizzard, Critical Mass, and other abilities.
EA’s Peter Moore: Free-to-play is ‘inevitable’
The writing is on the wall, and the hens are laying eggs of prophecy: Free-to-play is the inevitable future of all video games. This comes from EA COO Peter Moore, who thinks we’ll be seeing the free-product-plus-microtransaction business model trump the up-front cost of a retail box. Read the full interview for further details.
EVE players abuse faction warfare to produce trillions of ISK
If there’s one constant in the EVE Online universe, it’s that the players can never be underestimated and every care must be taken to make sure systems can’t be abused in unintended ways. Recently, five EVE players revealed how they’d generated five trillion ISK, EVE‘s in-game currency, using game mechanics introduced in the Inferno expansion.
Blade & Soul takes over the top spot in Korea, dethroning Diablo III
Just a few short days ago, Blade & Soul opened its doors to players for the Korean open beta test, clocking an impressive wave of users and a third place finish in popularity behind Diablo III and League of Legends. Now the new fantasy MMO has leapfrogged over both games to claim the number one spot.
Massively Speaking episode 206
Massively Speaking, Massively’s MMO podcast, tackles numerous upcoming MMO expansions this week. Bree returns with her acerbic charm, and Justin’s bouncing with the desire to relay everything in a giant show tunes number. The MMO news train stops for nobody, so hop aboard and pull that whistle!
Massively’s week in review
Don’t let WoW Insider do all of the talking when it comes to Massively’s best content of the week. The Massively staff themselves have picked out what they think is the best content their site has to offer in their own weekly roundup.

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