No-brainer talent and cookie-cutter builds

I was reading the forums the way I do recently, when I came across this thread. In it, the original poster Strawberry asked for examples of talents in the new talent system that players would always take. In the current talent system, as an example, no fury warrior would avoid Flurry. You’d be an idiot to do so.

Ghostcrawler chimed in, indicating that he wanted to increase people’s awareness of the thread and get them participating, because the thread was useful. The reason it is useful is because no-brainer talents are something Blizzard’s trying to do away with in the new talent scheme, and the only way to really know what talents are must haves is to have people tell them.

The entire purpose of the new talent system is to promote choice and do away with the cookie-cutter builds of the previous and current talent paradigm. Cataclysm actually ended up with a lot more choice than previous iterations — you usually have a few talent points left over when you’re done getting the basics down — but Mists of Pandaria is poised to remove the concept of going elsewhere for a spec or copying someone else’s build entirely.

This got me wondering. Assuming the thread does its job and helps identify talents that are too good to pass up right now and make adjustments to bring them in line, will that make the game harder or easier for new and inexperienced players?

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