Phat Loot Phiday: Flippable Table

Phat Loot Phiday Flippable Table

When last we left our heroes, Throgg and Lolegolas had just crossed the barrier between worlds to join the beta. We now resume with their quest to hunt down Miranda. Not Spot has not been seen for some time.

“This doesn’t look right,” Lolegolas said. He stood atop a hill, looking down at small groups of pandaren practicing their martial arts. “I think we missed our target a bit. We’ll have to hoof it.”

“Throgg angry still,” the orc companion said.

Lolegolas sighed and opened his immense bag. He took out a table and unfolded an immaculate sheet to lay atop it. He placed a mug in the center before stepping back to get a better look at his work. He stroked his chin with a thumb while he regarded the table.

“One moment,” Lolegolas commented. He bent over and plucked a red wildflower from the ground before resting it in the mug. “OK. Go ahead. Flip it.”

Throgg took a deep breath, grasped the edge of the table, and hurled. The table flipped end over end, crashing down on the ground below them.

“Wow,” Throgg said. “You’re right. I feel so much better now. As if a weight has been lifted.”

“Who knows his buddy? Who knows his orcky-poo? Now that we’ve dispensed with that table-flipping formality, let’s move on, shall we?”

Item notes: We don’t know the details about the Flippable Table, but it sure does sound exciting.

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